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What We Do

We Create Lasting Relationships

Skybrook Venture Partners expedites US and other global marketers
to recognize, engage with & capitalize on Central and Eastern Europe opportunities in all sectors.

Through the years we have been working with companies who are in: 

  • established mode
  • start-up mode
  • growth mode

We have successfully secured them access to: 

  • investments
  • new markets
  • opportunities
  • partnerships
Entrepreneurial business favors the open mind. It favors people whose optimism drives them to prepare for many possible futures, pretty much purely for the joy of doing so.
— Richard Branson

How We Do It

Skybrook programs engage, mentor, and enhance firms to prepare them to thrive in new markets. Review these offerings AND let’s get started!

Generating Capital

Assistance with generating capital through various raise methods (not limited to): Venture Capital, Angel Investor Network, Debt Financing, Equity Crowd Funding

Working with Clients on generating cash flow through new or improved business systems and processes.

Compliance Alliance

Learn the ins-and-outs of new markets from our network’s industry compliance experts. Their expertise in various markets can provide you with the real-life facts about remediation, training, and certification. With over 25 years of experience, our team can guide you through:

  • M&A
  • Joint Ventures
  • Setting up a legal US entity
  • FDA Compliance (Life Sciences)
  • CE Compliance (Life Sciences)

Network Expansion

Meet with the people in our network and we help them become part of your network. After extensive preparation, you are provided access to industry experts and investors through one-on-one meetings, business gatherings, and pitch events.

Perfecting Your Pitch

Meticulous presentation training is capped with your successful pitch of your start up business to legitimate, motivated, and interested investors. Our team can assist you with developing a compelling pitch deck as well as a perfect pitch. If you are looking for investors or potential clients, this is the “business card” or “portfolio” needed to represent your concept.

Optimizing Costs

Benefit from intelligent budgeting and see how it dramatically improves your company’s profitability. Understanding market costs before entering a market is vital. This program illustrates business budgeting, from registration, to taxation, contracts, real estate, to employment.

Skybrook Accelerator/ Mentorship Program

Take this 12-week, multi-national course and build on your firm’s current talents and equity to so it’s ready for the rigors of new markets. Learn the finer points of scaling, pitching, raising capital, marketing, law, establishing verticals, and price modeling. Consistent mentoring culminates in introductions to key opinion and industry leaders and life science corporate executives.

Put your proof of concept to the test. Our program takes a disciplined approach finding weaknesses and holes, then provides resolution. The result is a robust, business-proven spinoff, product, or application.

Access to New Markets

Recognize the challenges of entering new markets beforehand and set your firm up for success. Proper training includes an understanding of business plans, market intelligence, and legal requirements for US and CEE markets.

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